Jade Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Jade

There are two main types of jade: nephrite (actinite) and jade (pyroxene). The English name of nephrite comes from its function of healing the kidney. Nephrite is not a very hard mineral, but it is very tough and difficult to crack. Compared with nephrite jade, polished jadeite is relatively more granular with slight bumps.

The world’s respect for jade is very extensive, and its sense of identity in different cultures is also quite consistent. The role of its original origin is also roughly similar. Jade is widely regarded as a kind of stone with healing function, and has a special relationship with various ancestral spirits and protection of the dead.

There are many colors of jade. For example, there are bright blue jade in California, and the jade can also change color. Usually, the jade will gradually turn brown after being buried with the dead.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Emerald (NaAl(Si2O6); Nephrite: Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2

Color: green, white, gray, light blue, etc.

Luster: grease luster

Hardness: 6.5-7

Crystal System: monoclinic system, microcrystalline

Identification and Maintenance of Jade

  • The imitation of jade usually has minerals such as bowenite, garnet, and prehnite.

Jade Point

Jade Crystal Meaning

  • Related to longevity
  • Help the living and the dead to establish contact and protect the spirit of the dead

Jade Healing Function

  • Balancing the heart chakra points helps to improve our relationship with other people.
  • Increase the sense of belonging.
  • Enhance the ability to act effectively and appropriately.
  • Give us deep relaxation and accelerate the healing process.

How to Use Jade Crystal

  • When you feel lost due to your past and circumstances, placing jade on your spine, sacral chakra or throat will rejuvenate you.

Key words

Sense of belonging



Similar Gems

  • Bowen stone is a kind of serpentine, not as hard as jade, and can be swiped with a knife.
  • Wallaceous garnets are often labeled as African jade or Transvaal jade, similar to chrysoprase, prehnite, and aventurine.

Crystal Meanings

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