Jasper Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Jasper

Jasper is a kind of quartz. Its color is caused by the different magazines it contains. Hematite makes jasper red, limonite makes it brown or yellow, and chlorite makes it green.

Jasper has a long history of use, and has been used to make amulets and decorations many centuries ago. Its modern name is believed to be derived from the ancient Assyrian word ashpu, which means stone. The advantage of jasper is not only because it often presents the red that we admire in our lives, but also has endless tones and patterns, and the output is large and easy to engrave, which makes jasper a very valuable commodity.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Color: red, brown, yellow, green, etc.

Luster: glass luster to earthy luster

Hardness: 6-7

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Jasper

  • Red jasper is very common. When jasper is crushed together with other quartz minerals and remelted into crystals, it will form a mosaic shape.
  • Many varieties of jasper have their specific names. For example, green jasper has blood chalcedony or bloodstone with red spots, and ring jasper or ocean jasper, which is characterized by concentric patterns of green, blue or yellow.
Sea Jasper Sphere

Jasper Crystal Meaning

  • Traditionally, jasper is believed to resist snake bites and other poisons
  • Provide unique solutions to practical problems

Jasper Healing Function

  • Gentle grounding (especially the red and brown jasper variants)
  • Helps to focus on life practice
  • Inspire enthusiasm and motivation
  • Act as a stabilizing role when mental work begins
  • Provide nutrition to injured parts of the body, assist in repairing and healing

How to Use Jasper Crystal

  • To experience the healing properties of jasper: put a yellow jasper in the middle of the forehead, a yellow jasper between the heart and the throat chakra, a red jasper on each ear, and a green jasper on the heart and each hand.

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Similar Gems

  • Iron crystals rarely change in color and usually take the form of crystals.
  • The black agate is darker in color.

Crystal Meanings

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