Colorful, changeable, show your soul.

Walk With Charm

The crystal bracelet with strong texture and full aura really attracts the eye. With avant-garde or classic design and excellent workmanship, the gem bracelet conveys the owner’s pursuit of perfection, love of life, and persistence to dreams.

Agate Pig Figurine

Crystal Bracelet Arise Potential

People should have faith. If you believe in God, God will guide you. So do the crystal jewelry. Pover, Courage, Wisdom, Love, Happiness and more meaning are given to the crystal jewelry. If you do believe or you want that power, you will have the belief that you can have that power if you do what the crystal meaning tells you. It’s a magical thing, and it’s a simple thing.

Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone

Ideas of Gem Bracelets

There are various styles of crystal bracelets, and they convey different meanings. The bracelet is full of beads. The size and color of each bead are basically the same. The light reflected by the crystal beads is crystal clear and very textured, especially the high-quality amethyst and garnet. Some bracelets are only matched with one or a few larger beads, and then matched with other elements, it all depends on the likes and dislikes of the fans. It is not difficult for us to DIY a bracelet by ourselves, and even you will fall in love with this process.

Blue Obsidian Pyramid

DIY Bracelets

Making your own crystal bracelet by yourself must be a cool thing you had ever done. Sometimes it’s easy to DIY crystal bracket. Designing the style and shape of the crytal bracelet is the first thing you should do. Then, you should begin to collect the elements or blocks of the crystal bracket. Some raw crystals and metal are the essential.

Our Value

WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry bring value to you. WillingWoods is aim to help our customers to live a life around with elegant crystals. Crystal Lifestyle is cool and healthy because of the crystal energy. WillingWoods do believe that the crystal can heal our soul and help us to be nearer to our hearts and mind.

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Guide For DIY Crystal Bracelet

K2 Stone Flam

[A] Design your dream crystal jewelry

Selecting a crystal meaning will help you to focus on designing the style and shape of the crystal. Happiness, Courage, Power, Faith and others are the souls of your crystal jewelry. Respect crystal then crystal energy finds you. Watching some YouTube which is focus on designing is a way to open your mind.

Ocean jasper Flame

[B] Collect the elements of crystal bracelet

Buy the raw materials for your dream bracelet. The main raw material is raw crystal stones. You can buy crytal stone online. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry provides a lot of hight quality raw crystals. There are some semi-finished metal bracelets sold online too.

Aquatic Agate Sphere

[C] Prepare to combination of raw crystal and semi-finished bracelet

Make sure that the raw crystal stone have the holes which is fitted for the semi-finished metal. Then Combine them together. It’s easy to combine them.

Pink Tourmaline Point P-S-A

[D] Polish and clear the crystal bracelet

Polishing the bracelet metal with sandpaper and soft leather to make the metal shiny. Bushing and wipe the crystal to make the raw crystal transparent. Respect the crystal then crystal energy finds you.

Find Your Dream Crystal

Ww will be happy to help you to find or customise your dream crystal. Our dear customers can contact our service to get in touch with us, please feel free to do that. Our mission is to create the most happy crystal kingdom in

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We provides live stream service for our customers to learn more the details of products. Our Customers can make an appointment to learn more or select crystal products through Live Stream.

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