Twinkle stars on ears

Noble and elegant,
But without losing arrogance and unruly.
The noble state of stone,
It’s so different.
Get out of the empty vulgarity,
I discovered that the charm here is infinite,
Without the tackiness of the world,
Only the elegance of stone rhyme remains,
Turned into supreme noble air.

Crystal Earring A

Beliefs, Crystal, Earring

The beliefs are offen forgotten when we talk about crystal and earring. It does matter much for a human being. We human being are just a dust among the universe. The earth will run smoothly with us. Do not pay too much attention to ourselves. Having a belief will make us to be more peaceful. Crystal and earring can bear the belief and remind us to believe usually.

Crystal Earing G

A kind of artistically living

Satisfying the inner need and being around with symbols of beliefs are the art of living. The most important thing for living is to be happy. The crystals are the symbols of belief and bear the culture of ourselves. This is the magic thing for a crystal. Crystals are not only give us positive energy, but also give us the beliefs which are the sources of courage, power, confidence, positive attitude.

Rose Stone Heart

For a better crystal lifestyle

It’s a lifestyle of wearing crystal jewelries. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry made drop, hoop and stud earrings with heart. We try our best to make each crystal earring to be elegant and fashionable. What we care is the our customers’ shopping and wearing experience. What you care do value much for us. Our customers’ satisfy are crucial for us, let’s work together for a better crystal lifestyle.

Yellow Moonstone Heart
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