Closer to the nature

Raw Cryrstal Necklace is a Collection for being closer to the nature. Let the nature and crystal pure ourself.


Another way to express

The dazzling brilliance reflects the beauty and moving, expressing the owner’s unrestrained heart and positive attitude towards life. Jewelry is a way of expressing our thoughts, just like language, except that it conveys our hearts through visual and aesthetic levels. Rather than saying that jewelry is an external manifestation of human beings, it is better to say that it is a part of our body, because it has been integrated with ourselves.


The lifestyle of crsytal necklace

Everyone has her own lifestyle, wearing crystal necklace show your crystal lifestyle. One of the reasons for wearing jewelry is that the jewelries are so beautiful and they can match the owners’ temperament. Another is that the jewelries has their own properties that can enhance the owner’ matchable properties. For example, amethyst is the symbol of love and happiness. Wearing them can make the own more happy. Meanwhile, crystal can emit positive frequency that can arise human’s spirit. So, why not wear a crystal necklace to be more beautiful and healthier?

Nature and Crystal Necklace

How to DIY Crystal Necklace

Design the shape of necklace

Inspiration comes from life, and good ideas happen around us. When you sail on the blue sea, you are moved by the beauty and want to record this beautiful moment; or when you walk through the dense forest, you feel that your soul has been purified. Very good, put this concept into the design of the crystal necklace, it will seal that good time in the crystal. What a meaningful thing.

crystal necklace

Collect raw crystals as a raw pendant

Obtaining rough crystals seems to be an easy task, but we still need to identify good suppliers. Secondly, you should choose the right gemstone according to the color, stone type, size and shape. At the same time, different crystals have different crystal meanings. We recommend that you learn more about the meaning of crystals, and then confirm your favorite rough stone.

Learn More Crystal Meanings >

Ocean Jasper Egg

Make the crystal necklace

The law of things is from easy to difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you make a simple crystal necklace for the first time to lay the foundation for later manufacturing. For the first time, you can use some metal wires to wind the rough crystal in the way you like to play a fixed role. Remember to leave a clasp for hanging the necklace. Then, put a single metal necklace into the buckle, and a meaningful crystal necklace is complete.

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