Self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-discipline, crystal ring.

Take a meaningful ring and see it as if you have seen those meanings. Constantly renewing yourself is a meaningful life.

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Crystal Ring Lifestyle

Crystal Lifestyle is the fashion which give us continuous energy and power. It’s a belief, just like the faith in our heart. Wearing a crystal ring reminds you the belief all the time. WillingWoods call it crystal belief. Everyone should has his own spiritual beliefs. The belief sguide us in the journey of live, give us a light in the darkness. It’s the dawn. Let’s wear a crystal ring to remind us the belief all the time. And the crystal ring lifestyle will give us endless energy.

Crystal Ring

The Meaning of Crystal Ring

The Meaning of crystal ring are love, happiness, positive attitude, beliefs, self-control. Wearing crystal ring is a fashion. It allows us to make a statement without saying a word. Crystal ring can give you crystal energy. Most of the crystals are radioactive crystal which can emit electromagnetic waves and attract magnetic field. The ring on different finger has different meanings.


The meaning of wearing a ring on each finger

  • The ring on the fourth finger is a marriage ring.
  • The ring on the third finger is a engagement ring.
  • The ring on the point finger is a membership ring or a lucky ring.
  • The ring on the first finger is a lucky ring.
Crystal Earing G
Crystal Earing G

The Origin of Crystal Ring

A short history of crystal ring

The crystal ring originated in ancient Egypt. Three thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians often carried seals engraved with amethyst on their bodies as a symbol of status and power. Later, people found it very convenient to make the seal into a ring and put it on the finger. The ring gradually formed. The rings are mainly made of crystal, gold and silver, jade and other materials.


The love engagement of crystal ring

In ancient Egypt, people used rings as marriage tokens. Engagement rings and wedding rings were recognized by law as proof of contract. These rings are mostly clear crystal or purple crystal, to describe love as pure and flawless as crystal, crystal clear. The ring worn on the ring finger indicates loyalty and obedience to the husband. In ancient times, crystal rings have always been a fashion.

Amethyst Ring

A traditions and a fashion of crystal ring

When a couple gets married, they often put a ring engraved with each other’s name and wedding date on the other’s hand to show their loyalty and commemoration. Crystal rings have always been the first choice for the rich and the rich. In ancient times, there were various shapes of rings to suit the tastes of different people.

Tips for buying crystal rings

A – Measure the size of your finger

Using a string to circle your finger, then get the figure by measuring the length of the string. Use the convention chart to get the size of ring.

B – Identify the color of gems

Generally speaking, the more transparent, the less the impurities, the brighter the gemstone, the higher the color. We are always vigilant to make sure that the gems are not processed manually. Because natural gems have crystal energy, the crystal energy of artificially processed gems will be greatly reduced.

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