Kyanite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Kyanite

Kyanite crystals are blade-shaped and often form radial clusters. Produced in metamorphic rocks, mainly from Austria, Brazil, France, Italy and Russia. The white or gray kyanite subspecies is called retigenite. What is unusual about kyanite is that its hardness varies greatly with the direction of the crystal’s force. There are few kyanite that reach gem level, but due to its heat resistance and weak electrical conductivity, it is widely used in industry. Kyanite is also an excellent body energy conductor in spar healing.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Al2SiO5

Color: usually blue or blue-black. Sometimes there are white, gray, and green stripes.

Luster: pearl luster or pearl luster

Hardness: 4-7 (different crystal plane directions vary greatly)

Crystal System: triclinic system

Identification and Maintenance of Kyanite

  • Kyanite is usually a glassy but opaque blade-like crystal cluster.
  • Kyanite slices or arcs with gem-quality quality are similar to apatite or sapphire.
  • Along the extension direction of kyanite crystals, parallel textures or cross lines can be seen.
  • Thin crystal clusters need to be carefully stored to prevent breakage, and thicker crystals are relatively strong.
Kyanite Stone

Kyanite Crystal Meaning

  • As a catalyst to accelerate other processes.
  • Establish faster connections between various events.
  • Assisted rapid communication system

Kyanite Healing Function

  • Balance the energy of the whole body.
  • Calm and release blocked emotions.
  • Brings stability and peace of mind.
  • Assist in meditation and enter all levels of consciousness.

How to Use Kyanite Crystal

  • Put kyanite anywhere in your body where you feel the energy supply is insufficient or excessive.
  • Putting a kyanite crystal on the forehead calms the mind and encourages clear thinking.
  • Put one piece of kyanite crystal on the forehead, one piece on the pulse of each wrist, and one piece of smoky quartz on the foot, which can effectively prevent the recurrence of fear.

Key words


Unblocked flow


Similar Gems

  • Apatite often has many internal fissures and is semi-transparent.
  • The gem-level blue tourmaline is similar in color to kyanite, but not so flat.
  • Sapphire spar is harder and has a hexagonal shape.
  • Sillimanite has the same composition as kyanite, but it belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system and has white needle-like crystals.

Crystal Meanings

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