Lapis Lazuli Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Lapis Lazuli

The history of using lapis lazuli can be traced back to more than 5,000 years ago, when he was favored by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Pharaoh’s craftsmen used it to make accessories such as amulets resembling beetles and eye rows. Lapis lazuli is believed to be used to treat depression and fever, as well as increase mental clarity and intuition. It is possible that the ancient Egyptians and the source of the lapis lazuli we now obtain is the same place: the region of Afghanistan that produces the most and best. The composition of this rock is more complex than a crystal. The main mineral component of lapis lazuli is blue lapis lazuli, sometimes it also contains sodalite, usually pyrite, and their bottom rock is often calcite.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: (Na,Ca)8(Al.Si)12O24(S,SO4)

Color: dark blue with white and golden yellow spots

Luster: glass luster to grease luster

Hardness: 5.5

Crystal System: equiaxed crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Lapis Lazuli

  • The best lapis lazuli is dark blue with small golden pyrite spots.
  • Lapis lazuli has white fluorescence under ultraviolet light.
  • Some people use lapis lazuli replicas that are made of glass and small metal blocks.
  • Some artificial lapis lazuli is crushed with poor lapis lazuli, then re-bonded with plastic and resin, and then dyed.
lapis lazuli Point

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Meaning

  • Related to truth, balance and the public
  • Encourage perseverance and courage

Lapis Lazuli Healing Function

  • Care for the throat and upper chest
  • Pull the hidden anxiety out of the surface
  • Assist communication and meditation
  • Provide insight and clear mind

How to Use Lapis Lazuli Crystal

  • Putting lapis lazuli in front of your forehead can inspire deep insight and memory.
  • Gather 7 lapis lazuli and five clear quartz, put the lapis lazuli on the top of your head, on the sides of your shoulders, on your hands, and on your feet, and place the clear quartz on your ears, on the sides of your heart, and between your feet for insight. Strength, truth and clarity. The effect will be better if you lie on the blue cloth to cure.

Key words

The truth



Similar Gems

  • Sodalite is not so blue in color and has veining.
  • Sapphire is blue-purple, with dark markings or pink and brown patches on its crystals.

Crystal Meanings

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