Low Viscosity UV Block Quartz Tube

I. Application

Mainly used in automotive, motorcycle headlamps and other low-power lamp bushings; It can also be applied to other sealing transition materials.

II. Product Features

It is a doped transparent quartz tube, which is about 150 ° C lower than conventional quartz glass materials. The extreme tolerance size control makes it have superior processing performance. It can be used in high-speed fast processing lines. It also has low hydroxyl group and UV-filter. C UV and other properties.

III. Product Type

WQPQ 321L ,Low viscosity UV Block Quartz Tube

IV. Typical Size

 OD RangeODToleranceWallThicknessWTToleranceOut ofRound Siding Bow

V. Physical and Chemical Properties

i. Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Density(20℃kg/m3Thermal Expansion(200-300℃℃-1 Softening Point(℃)Annealin g Point(℃) Strain Point(℃)

ii. Impurity Value

Typical value750.5131.52520.5

iii. OH Content

Typical Value without BakingAfter baking

iv. Viscosity and Temperature Curve

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