Moldavite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Moldavite

The moldavite, an amorphous glass meteorite, is currently only found in one place in the Czech Republic. It was born 15 million years ago, but its origin is still a mystery. Moldavite may be formed by the melting of nearby surrounding rocks because they do not contain inclusions that are common in volcanic rocks. Moldavite may also come to the earth with a certain comet or meteorite, and it may be an alien from space. Moldavite has always had a special significance. Medieval literature mentions that the Holy Grail is probably a stone that fell from the sky. This makes many people think that moldavite is also a popular alien relic.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: a complex mixture of glass or silicate, SiO2

Color: translucent green, brown green

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 7

Crystal System: amorphous

Identification and Maintenance of Moldavite

  • Moldavite is the only green transparent glass meteorite, the others are black or brown.
  • Large moldavite are rare. Most of the surfaces have pitting, pits or water ripples, which are extruded flakes, teardrops or pebble-like.

Moldavite Crystal Meaning

  • Mixing the energy of the universe and the earth, expanding the understanding of the universe.
  • Represents the process of transformation, evolution, and spiritual growth.

Moldavite Healing Function

  • Amplify the healing properties of other crystals.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Improve our appreciation of creation.

How to Use Moldavite Crystal

  • To encourage innovation or explore your true potential: Lie on a piece of green cloth, put the lapis lazuli on top of your head, place the moldavite next to your shoulders, place the lapis lazuli next to your hands, and place the moldavite between your feet , Make sure there is a grounded stone similar to hematite or tourmaline to use after curing.

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Similar Gems

  • Other moldavite look similar but do not have a dark green color.
  • The green tourmaline looks like a cut moldavite, but moldavite is low in hardness and has no dichroism.
  • Actinolite has silky luster and fine needle-like crystals.
  • Olivine is usually yellowish green.

Crystal Meanings

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