Obsidian Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Obsidian

Obsidian is formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic magma and is mainly found in volcanic areas. The black color is due to the iron contained in the mineral composition. Structurally, it is more like glass than crystal. These characteristics make obsidian look a little rigid compared to other stones. However, with more attention, we will find that the busy noise background helps to break the old patterns in our lives.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Complex silicate

Color: Black, dark green, gray, brown-red

Luster: Glass luster

Hardness: 6

Crystal System: Amorphous

Identification and Maintenance of Obsidian

  • There are many varieties of obsidian, ranging from ash-smoky translucent Apache eyes to completely dark dark volcanic glass. Snow flake obsidian contains gray or white flake inclusions, which are usually feldspar, mica or similar minerals. Mahogany obsidian has brownish-red stripes. The iridescent color of rainbow obsidian is due to the reflection of light by the small minerals contained in it. Unrounded and unpolished obsidian usually have sharp edges and should be handled carefully.

Black Obsidian Bracelet B-M-A

Obsidian Crystal Meaning

  • Using traditional polishing methods can be made into divination tools.
  • A smooth obsidian disc or polished obsidian ball can be used as an auxiliary perspective mirror.
  • Can find hidden or missing things

Obsidian Healing Function

  • As a kind of stone that emerges from the surface with striking power, obsidian can bring hidden problems, emotions and traumas to the surface.
  • Obsidian can rebalance the digestive system.
  • Obsidian can be grounded and protect us.

How to Use Obsidian Crystal

  • Place a piece of obsidian along the body in a five-pointed star array, place the pointed head on top of the head to stimulate change, and lie on the red or black cloth to deepen the experience.

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Similar Gems

  • Black onyx is very difficult to distinguish from obsidian, but sometimes obsidian is closer to translucent.
  • The specific gravity of rounded tourmaline is usually heavier than obsidian.
  • The rounded smoky crystal looks similar to the obsidian variety.

Crystal Meanings

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