Onyx Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Onyx

Onyx is a kind of agate, which has the same composition as quartz, chalcedony, and opal, except that onyx has a colored layer inside. The original Greek word for onyx is fingernail. Onyx is not an extroverted, lively stone. What is impressive is its simple, deep and restrained black and white strips. In life, we sometimes need to step back and calmly look around our situation. Onyx is the most ideal stone for changing the environment because it helps to reveal various aspects, various viewpoints, and various visible conflicts. In contrast, sardonyx has warmer and more attractive properties.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Color: black and white strips, sometimes only black

Luster: glass luster, silk luster and earthy luster

Hardness: 7

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Onyx

  • Onyx is easy to identify because of its black and white color.
  • Onyx slices are hard but very brittle.
Black and White Agate Sphere

Onyx Crystal Meaning

  • Onyx has a calming effect and can be used to balance excitement and impatience.
  • Onyx can enhance self-reflection, but it can also make some people inert and inactive in daily activities.
  • If necessary, the user or wearer can be made less noticeable.

Onyx Healing Function

  • While purifying, ground the air and gather energy.
  • Alleviate trouble in a systematic way
  • Calm down the strong emotional state.
  • Encourage calm and introspection
  • Reveal the inner reason of the situation

How to Use Onyx Crystal

  • Staring at the striped onyx, thinking about what is hidden behind the situation.
  • Putting onyx and some positive stones, such as jasper, garnet, etc., will improve your observation and rethink countermeasures so as not to alienate you from others.

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Similar Gems

  • Without bands, onyx is difficult to distinguish from all round black stones (similar to black tourmaline, obsidian, smoky quartz, etc.).

Crystal Meanings

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