Opal Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction To Opal

Opal is often unfairly regarded as a less fortunate spar. In fact, there are many kinds of opal, including those we will mention below. They can provide a variety of healing effects, especially for emotions. There are benefits. It should be noted that opal is a very fragile mineral. If it is exposed to the air, it will lose the water molecules in the structure and become fragile.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: SiO2.n.H2O

Color: all kinds of colors

Luster: glass luster to pearl oyster luster

Hardness: 6

Crystal System: amorphous

Opal Heart
Opal Heart

Opal Crystal Meanings

Andean opal Meaning

Color: (light blue, cyan, green, etc.)

Ease emotions

Help relieve tension

Cherry Opal Meaning

Color: (pink, red, orange, etc.)

Contribute to tissue and blood system renewal

Gentle increase in energy level

Help improve mood

Black Opal Meaning

Color: (brown, black or gray blue, etc.)

Activate and balance the sacral chakra points

Relieve menstrual tension syndrome and dysmenorrhea

Fire Opal Meaning

Color:(dense red orange)

Promote recovery from depression or exhaustion

Expensive Opal Meaning

Color: (pure rainbow color)

Help stabilize mood swings

Facilitate the flow of body energy in the subtle body

Ordinary Opal Meaning

Color: (no protein light or fire light, visible milky white, gray, green, purple, brown or colorless)

Can provide more mild energy than other types of opals

Stabilize mood

Enhance self-worth

White Opal Meaning

Color: (milky white with some other colors)

Provide energy for the crown chakra

Bring a clear mind

Dendritic Opal Meaning

Color: (normal protein color with inclusions similar to moss pattern)

Strengthen organizational capabilities

Release the tension of the lung nerves and blood vessels

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