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Orange Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Orange Color

Red is often used as a symbol of fiery heat, while orange is more closely related to the warmth of the sun and fire. Like fire, the orange energy shows a certain sense of direction and purpose—to follow the path that supports its survival. Of course orange is energetic, but compared to red, it is more thoughtful and more controlling. As a mixture of red and yellow, orange and the attributes of these two elements are very harmonious. Curiosity is one of the characteristics of orange energy, which will cause exploration and creation, especially in practical life.

Orange Color Properties and Energy

Red is concentrated, self-centered energy, while orange makes people willing to look at problems from multiple angles-just like children learning to walk, trying to grasp everything and want to try everything. Orange is to learn and experience the world with games and enjoyment.

What is puzzling is that the survey results show that orange is the least popular color (the most popular colors are blue and green). Exploration and interest can sometimes be painful. We all know that petting the cat’s fur will make the cat feel very enjoyable, but pulling the cat’s beard will quickly evoke its angry revenge. Learning through exploration is dangerous and full of unknowns-this is an element of excitement, but also can cause shock and tension. However, the orange energy has a purpose and has the instinct to go on, and he can creatively remove stagnant resistance.

Orange Crystals

Orange stones are great for the treatment of shock and trauma. They can add vitality to the body’s repair mechanism. Cornelian and orange calcite have a soothing and refreshing effect, while topaz and rutile crystals help to enhance energy and reunify the scattered energy.

Orange Color Meaning

Orange represents instinct, not intelligence and solutions. When designing a garden, orange energy often appears. In addition, orange is also revealed when the painter draws a draft and the poet jot down the idea in a hurry; sometimes, even while listening to the phone while scribbling on paper, it can show the natural impulse to explore through creativity-let Energy flows to balance the unique identity of red.

The balance of orange energy can bring the desire to participate, hoping to make practical explorations by hand. Orange gives people the ability to spend time creatively and understand the needs of the body. Without orange energy, attention is often drawn to the head, enriching our lives with various ideas, thoughts and theories. Orange allows us to put the creative thinking process into practice and enjoy the experience very much.

How to use orange color and orange crystals for a better life

  • Orange brings warmth to people, but it does not mean burning. This light of sunrise and sunset inspires people to continue to innovate and contemplate.

Orange Crystal Application

  • When you are nervous or shocked, wearing orange clothes will help your body return to a state of balance.

Orange Crystal For

  • Orange combines the fresh energy of red and the organization of yellow.
  • Excited, joyful, lively, gorgeous.
  • Family problems, personal integration, social adaptation.
  • Social anxiety, libido, self-identification, self.
  • Lower back problems, sexual organ problems.

You need to add orange crystals to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Feeling frustrated and bored, especially when time flies slowly.
  • Lack of interest in what’s happening around me, even to the point where I don’t bother to participate in anyway.
  • Don’t want to change the familiar life, stubbornly ask to put things in their “appropriate” position.
  • Too serious, take oneself too seriously, and fail to see the humor and interest in life.
  • Fear of experiencing sensual happiness, and also afraid of enjoying sexual desire.
  • Can’t let go of the past. This is particularly noticeable after an accident or shock.
  • Encountered life difficulties, such as the decline of personal creativity.

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