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Pink Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Pink Color

Pink is a mixture of red and white in different proportions, and its energy characteristics depend on the amount of red. White represents the full potential, and red is the driving force for realization, so pink contains the energy of both colors at the same time.

Pink Color Properties and Energy

Pink is considered an ambiguous color, soft and jumping, without the arrogance of red, and the restraint of white. Pink gives people a kind of confidence to survive, it provides some kind of support and can neutralize negative emotions. When people feel scared, or suffer physical or mental harm, they will have aggressive behavior. The energy provided by pink is enough to get rid of this negative state, allowing people to discern and clear wrong thoughts. In addition, pink also represents romance. Because pink adds a different amount of white to red to create a bright red, like red, pink is easy to arouse people’s interest, making people feel soft and elegant. Pink is not as bright and eye-catching as crimson, but romantic and warm, youthful and playful, lively and innocent. It is the dawn after the night, not the day, and the evening glow rather than the setting sun.

Pink Crystals

Orange stones are great for the treatment of shock and trauma. They can add vitality to the body’s repair mechanism. Cornelian and orange calcite have a soothing and refreshing effect, while topaz and rutile crystals help to enhance energy and reunify the scattered energy.

Pink Color Meaning

In an environment full of violence, the dark pink color that favors magenta has a particularly significant effect on improving people’s mood, such as in a prison or a cell in a police station. In such a place, exposure to pink light can quickly alleviate a person’s aggressive psychology. A darker pink can help people increase their self-confidence, while a lighter pink is more protective, promotes peace of mind, helps self-recognition and generates a sense of self-worth.

Pink is not just a soft and feminine color, it represents a caring and tender color; it also helps to cool down any turbulent and aggressive emotions. The dynamic mixing of red and white is an effective balance of male and female sexual energy, and is also a very effective healing color, which can reduce diseases and the fear and pain caused by diseases. Pink is helpful for the defects of other colors, because it fundamentally supports a person’s integrity.

How to use pink color and pink crystals for a better life

  • Pink can show women’s femininity and maturity, and is the favorite of many women.
  • Pink promotes relaxation and makes people feel living in a real environment.

Pink Crystal Application

  • In any aggressive and threatening situation, imagining being surrounded by pink will help calm the mood and relieve tension.

Pink Crystal For

  • Dark pink, bubble gum pink and magenta are more irritating than light pink. They provide energy for change and are very dynamic.
  • Mercy, goodness, forgiveness.
  • Unconditional love, romantic love.

You need to add pink crystals to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Hope to get rid of negative emotions.
  • Feeling anxious because of the passing of time or life.
  • Personality is too strong and rational.
  • Longing to be cared for, looking forward to a sweet relationship.

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