Purpurite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Purpurite

Violet ferromanganese does not look like a mineral. It is soft and fibrous crystals with silky halo are tightly arranged, making it easy to identify. Purple ferromanganese ore is relatively rare, mainly produced in a few places such as Rwanda, Namibia and the United States, but its excellent decoration makes it very popular in the mineral crystal collection market.

Purple ferromanganese is also a gemstone that is very useful for crystal healing, especially in reducing pain and repairing physical and mental injuries in a compassionate and gentle way. Its satin-like softness and smoothness can also stimulate the smooth flow of subtle body energy in the body.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: (Mn3+,Fe3+)(PO4)

Color: dark purple or dark red

Luster: earthy luster to velvet luster

Hardness: 4.5

Crystal System: orthorhombic crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Purpurite

  • The purple ferromanganese ore seems to have a soft silky texture.
  • The purple ferromanganese ore is sometimes cut and ground into a curved shape to show its rich color and attractive texture.
Purple Mica

Purpurite Crystal Meaning

  • It helps to integrate different skills, ideas and perspectives.
  • Help make up for mistakes.

Purpurite Healing Function

  • Maximize the body’s nutrient intake and help energy production.
  • Relax and soothe the mood.
  • Strengthen intuition.
  • Encourage tolerance.
  • Provide strong support for various life energy.
  • Combining our roles as different roles helps us achieve spiritual goals.

How to Use Purpurite Crystal

  • Put a piece of purple phosphorus iron manganese on the crown or forehead chakra, one on the heart chakra, and one on or next to the Genbu Chakra to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual coordination.
  • Putting a piece of purple ferromanganese ore on the crown and a piece of black tourmaline between your feet can relieve stress and frustration when you feel lack of direction and progress.

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Similar Gems

  • The surface of sugilite stone is more shining than the purple ferromanganese, and the fiber feel is not so strong.

Crystal Meanings

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