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Application of Quartz Glass in Electric Lighting Industry

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Visible light is a narrow and long wavelength band visible to the human eye with a wavelength between 400 and 800 nanometers. The longer wavelength includes infrared rays, and the shorter wavelength includes ultraviolet rays. In the visible spectrum, people can distinguish colors from red (the longest wavelength) to blue. People have reached a consensus on the wavelength of a particular color, but the perception of color is still subjective. Light is usually white. When white light reaches a colored object, the surface of the object will absorb part of the spectrum according to its color and reflect the rest. Therefore, a red object absorbs light of all wavelengths except red, so under white light The one that sees it is red.

Performance index of electric light source

Light quantity characteristic index: including luminous flux, luminous efficiency, color rendering, color temperature and spectral distribution, etc.

Electrical characteristics indicators: including power consumption, lamp voltage, current, noise, etc.

Mechanical characteristics: including geometric dimensions, lamp structure and lamp cap;

Economic characteristics: including luminous efficiency, life, price, appearance and comfort.

Application of typical electric light source

Electric light source nameApplication of electric light source
Tube tungsten halogen lampConstruction lighting for large squares, stations, docks and building sites
Cold reflector lightHotel, entertainment venues and home residential lighting decoration, fountain underwater night lighting
Energy-saving lampsIndoor lighting
Germicidal lampMedical and health, catering industry, disinfection treatment
Mercury lamp, sodium lampLarge square and urban road lighting
Dysprosium lampIllumination of large squares, station terminals and construction sites
Metal halide lampUsed as lanterns, entertainment venues, town night lighting
Xenon lampTrain and car headlights
LED lightsDisplay screen, traffic signal, city night view, lighting decoration, lawn lamp and backlight of mobile phone, tablet computer, etc.
Infrared lightFor remote projection observation
Copier scanner light sourceVarious types of copiers, laser scanners, printers dedicated lamps
Purple lightUsed for currency verification, anti-counterfeiting, detection, entertainment venues, night lighting, etc.
Mosquito trap fish lampAnti-mosquito, fishing
UV germicidal lampDisinfection and sanitation treatment

Application of Quartz Glass in the Production of Optical Fiber Industry

As we all know, quartz glass material is the main auxiliary material in the production of optical fiber preform and optical fiber production process. Without excellent quality raw materials, it is impossible to produce stable quality optical fiber products, and it is impossible to form a production scale.

Quartz materials are mainly used in the production of preforms in optical fiber manufacturing, such as deposition tubes, head tubes, tail tubes, control tubes, and tail tubes used in the preparation of mcvd, PCVD, OVD, and VAD technology.

High-purity quartz glass substrate tube is one of the important raw materials in mcvd, pcvd and its derivative technology. It has strict size and purity requirements. It is used as the core layer of the deposited substrate tube in the optical fiber manufacturing process and requires light guide level. It can be seen that the purity and intrinsic quality of the material are very high.

In order to increase the drawing length of the single rod of the optical fiber preform, increase the output, and reduce the production cost, the method of mandrel and sleeve is adopted in the rod making technology.

Application of Quartz Glass in the Electronic Semiconductor Industry

In the chip manufacturing process, quartz glass is widely used due to its excellent properties such as high purity, high temperature resistance, and low thermal expansion. Such as the quartz glass diffuser used in key processes such as doping, diffusion, oxidation and annealing of single crystal silicon wafers. Quartz bell jars used in the epitaxy process of silicon wafers; quartz flower baskets and stents used in the pickling and ultrasonic cleaning of silicon wafers; silicon wafer carrier (quartz glass boat) used in the diffusion process of silicon wafers; used in the process of pulling monocrystalline silicon Quartz crucible, etc.

Quartz glass diffuser tube is an extremely important, widely used and large amount of quartz glass product used in the electronic semiconductor industry. Its purity, resistance to high temperature deformation, geometric size and appearance quality performance directly affect the quality and cost of the final integrated circuit and device And production efficiency.

One of the key materials required for the production of displays is the high-precision glass mask. The main basic materials of the mask are quartz glass and soda glass. After precision processing, the surface of the quartz glass and soda glass is plated with chromium for photolithography exposure. membrane.

Application of Quartz Glass in Optical Industry

Excellent quartz glass can transmit ultraviolet, visible and infrared rays, and has high hardness, small thermal expansion, stable structure and size, and resistance to chemical corrosion and radiation. Therefore, it is widely used in various optical systems, high and low temperature spectroscopy tests. Lenses, prisms, light-transmitting windows, camera lenses, mirrors, astronomical telescopes, etc.

In terms of laser technology, various types of quartz optical fibers, UV-filtering quartz glass, etc. are widely used in laser medical treatment, industrial laser processing, laser ranging, sensors, instrumentation and other fields.

WillingWoods Quartz Inc has accumulated several years of technical experience in the quartz industry, and is constantly exploring and innovating based on the concept of quality first and consolidating technology. We have won the recognition of many customers at home and abroad, and hope to provide you with as much help as possible.

WillingWoods Quartz For Better Technology.

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