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Red Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Red Color

Red is the color of blazing heat and burning. Human eyes cannot see infrared light, but when an object turns red due to heat due to red, its thermal effect is obvious.

Among all colors, red has the longest wavelength. In the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light is the closest to infrared light. Although red is not infrared, it is inseparable from heat and warmth, and even rocks will turn red when heated enough. This situation can be seen when a volcano erupts and magma pours onto the surface.

Red Color Properties and Energy

The appearance of red makes us instinctively cautious, because we associate it with heat, burning and potential crises. The red light was set up to further arouse people’s vigilance. Too much heat and red will cause burning, but if the degree is moderate, red will support our lives and give people comfort.

Red is also the color of blood, and it has a symbolic connection with living life. Bleeding or loss of blood can cause illness and even death. Wear red clothes, eat red food, and surround you with red. Doing so will increase the body’s ability to absorb iron-iron can improve the blood hemoglobin in the body. With hemoglobin, the blood can absorb oxygen from the lungs and deliver the life-giving oxygen to cells in various parts of the body. There are also red vibrations in physical activity and the energy that supports it. If speed, danger, courage and courage are involved, the red quality of the human body will increase. Mountaineers, racers and stuntmen are all engaged in “red” professions.

Red Crystals

Red stones can increase energy and have a stimulating effect. Intense, bright reds, such as garnet, ruby and zircon, have a very strong effect. The opaque or yellowish-brown red of jasper and iron quartz can give people a more practical energy.

Red Color Meaning

Idioms like “red light district” tend to describe the characteristics of red “sex.” Certain behaviors represented by red are often not recognized by society. When red and black are put together, they are related to evil, such as the creation of medieval artists. “Red Devil”. When expressing “red emotions”, the human body will have the characteristics of rapid heartbeat, dilated capillaries, and the skin becomes hot and red.

Red and contains the meaning of “urgent”. It affects the thinking process, causing restlessness and irritability. Sometimes red can cause people to be very selfish, paying attention to personal needs above all else. Sometimes, it is the driving force of survival, which encourages impulsive behavior and indiscreet remarks. People with red characteristics can become business talents if they handle these characteristics properly, and they like to switch from one project to another, so that the company can continue to survive and develop. They are born with the ability to express new ideas, are brave and fearless, and are mostly outgoing and like to show their skills.

Red, can turn attention to life, to the process of being alive. It symbolizes what we need to survive-life should be held tightly, life should have a sense of urgency. Without red, we will become listless, lose contact with reality, and fail to realize our dreams. Without the foundation that red gives us, we can only escape to daydreaming in the illusory world.

Red has the red energy that makes people rooted in the earth. Those who abuse him often show some negative traits related to red-selfishness, and are only interested in personal survival and short-term life.

To be healthy for a long time, we need to reconnect the human body and the earth with red. This is responsible for our own health and for our survival as a part of the entire human race. Although global and regional conservation is often regarded as a “green” problem, it has become a “red” problem because it is about survival. The “red” problem and the “green” problem are inherently related, because these two The colors are complementary colors.

How to use red color and red crystals for a better life

  • The effect of red on the eyes is extraordinary. When seeing the red color, the eyes instinctively make internal adjustments. This change means that the red item appears to us to be farther away than it actually is.

Red Crystal Application

  • If you want to be braver and more energetic, wear a red scarf or red tie. If you need to build up self-confidence, such as when you are going to have an interview or speaking, this is also particularly effective.

Red Crystal For

  • When women wear red clothes, they usually contain hints of “urgent” and “bold”, as if they are saying “I am here, pay attention to me”.
  • Red can easily lead to excessive behavior, because radical is his nature.
  • Energy, health, enthusiasm, hope.
  • Enthusiasm, grounding, physical vitality and energy.
  • Energy, stability.

You need to add red crystals to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Life lacks enthusiasm.
  • Lack of energy and feeling overly tired.
  • Unable to turn dreams into reality.
  • Feeling insecure, with unnecessary fear and anxiety.

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