Ruby Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Ruby

Ruby is a small variant of corundum, especially the color of chromium oxide contained in it (the blue variant of corundum is sapphire, in addition to yellow and colorless corundum). High-quality gem-quality rubies with brilliant colors and translucent are very rare, so their value is very high. Most rubies are red or blue-purple opaque and have a heavy metallic halo, but even low-quality rubies have a mouth-watering beauty that is irresistible. Ruby is traditionally considered as the stone of the sun, which can give people wealth and strength, longevity and health.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Al2O3 (+Cr)

Color: red

Luster: glass luster to diamond luster

Hardness: 9

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system

Streak: White 

Specific gravity: 4.0

Cleavage: None 

Identification and Maintenance of Ruby

  • Ruby has a distinctive six-sided drum-shaped crystal with a thick middle and thin ends.
  • Ruby is sometimes cut into a curved surface to see the starlight effect, which is due to the orderly arrangement of rutile inclusions inside.
  • The hexagonal cross-section of ruby is widely used in crystal healing.
  • The polished surface of ruby often sees hexagonal growth patterns.
Red Pattern Agate

Ruby Crystal Meaning

  • Like the sun, it is a reliable source of life energy, giving the wearer sun-related benefits (such as vitality, success, etc.)
  • Lubricate the relationship with other people

Ruby Healing Function

  • Balance the energy of the heart, subtle bodies and body
  • Help build confidence, security, enthusiasm and self-esteem
  • Makes warm and stable

How to Use Ruby Crystal

  • To rebuild your energy balance, use six rubies as an array: one on the top of your head, one under your feet, one next to your knees, and one next to your elbows. If you lie on a piece of yellow cloth, the healing effect will be magnified.
  • To increase the ability to achieve the goal, place 12 crystals in a circular array around the body, with the crystal tip facing outwards, and then place a ruby on the heart chakra area. It is better to lie on the white cloth.

Key words

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Similar Gems

  • Sapphire and ruby have no difference in crystal shape, but the color of sapphire is usually blue or purple.
  • Zircon, spinel, garnet, and ruby tourmaline are similar in color to rubies, but stone rubies (unless the top ones) have a characteristic metallic halo.

Crystal Meanings

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