Sapphire Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Sapphire

Sapphire is said to have a magical effect, making many collectors bewitched for a long time. Although everyone thinks that sapphire is just a blue stone, in fact, in gem-grade corundum, except for the red series, other colors are considered sapphires (red gem-grade corundum is ruby). In addition to diamonds, humans currently know that the hardest mineral in nature is corundum (including sapphire). Sri Lanka produces the most sapphires, and of course the most beautiful cornflower sapphires are produced in Kashmir.

The colors and crystal shapes of rubies and sapphires are low-key and elegant, making people feel stable and assured. They help us focus our energies on lasting value worth investing in. This kind of stone, which our ancestors enshrined as a treasure, is still the best choice for restoring energy balance.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Al2O3 (with trace Fe and Ti)

Color: blue or purple, black, green, yellow, etc.

Luster: semi-diamond luster to glass luster

Hardness: 9

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Sapphire

  • Low-grade sapphires are similar to round rubble or small hexagonal crystals, which are easier to find.
  • Transparent cornflower sapphire is the best quality sapphire with the highest value, followed by blue and black.
  • Starlight sapphire produces starlight effect due to the directional arrangement of rutile inclusions contained in the interior.
Blue Crystal Specimen

Sapphire Crystal Meaning

  • Provide mental power
  • Free from jealousy and harm
  • Attract supportive attitudes and blessings
  • Inspire wisdom and predictability
  • Assist to achieve overall success (Star Sapphire)

Sapphire Healing Function

  • Balance the endocrine system and control overactive energy.
  • Soothes, controls and reduces the tension in the heart caused by fear and anxiety.
  • Increase personal expression ability and benefit the heart and throat chakra points
  • Stimulate a higher mind

How to Use Sapphire Crystal

  • Put six sapphires around the body: one piece each on the forehead, the mouth of the heart, the palms of the hands, and the bottom of the feet to stimulate spiritual growth.

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Similar Gems

  • The apatite field has internal cracks.
  • The ruby has the same crystal shape but different colors.
  • Blue or colorless topaz looks hard to distinguish from sapphire ring face after cutting.
  • The two ends of the beryl crystal will not be as narrow as sapphire.

Crystal Meanings

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