Selenite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Selenite

Selenite was named after Selence, the ancient Greek goddess of moonlight, because of his obvious moonlight halo. Selenite is a gem-grade ordinary mineral gypsum. Gypsum is formed by the evaporation of ancient oceans and salt lakes. Selenite is as clear and soft as water, but also has good solubility.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: CaSO4. 2H2O

Color: white or colorless, sometimes with yellow, brown, red, green and other colors

Luster: glass luster to pearl luster

Hardness: 2

Crystal System: monoclinic system

Identification and Maintenance of Selenite

  • Selenite often forms distinct dovetail twin crystals.
  • The fibrous translucent white bulky Selenite is called fibrous gypsum.
  • The round rose-shaped nodular gypsum aggregate is called desert rose.
  • Selenite is very soft and it is easy to make marks with your fingers.
  • Selenite is very sensitive to water and moisture. If you put it in the water for a period of time, you can bend it with your hands. After a long time, Selenite will split into multiple small pieces.
Cupid Arrow of Selenite

Selenite Crystal Meaning

  • Clear dark and shadow
  • Help us avoid trouble
  • Protect us from harm and blame

Selenite Healing Function

  • Quickly use fast-flowing cooling energy to break energy stagnation.
  • Transfer negative emotions, especially resentment and long-standing anger.
  • Bring purity to the soul.
  • Expansion consciousness

How to Use Selenite Crystal

  • Holding a stick made of Selenite crystal can help you clear the stress of the day and the painful memories that are hard to let go. Imagine that the airflow slowly enters from the top of your head when you inhale, and goes out in the direction of the rod when you exhale, and then imagine your troubles are flowing away along this neutral and harmless stone.

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Similar Gems

  • Bornite: It is called TV stone. The surface with crystal surface is very similar to Selenite, but its crystal fiber direction has obvious light and shadow interference effect.

Crystal Meanings

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