Sphene Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Sphene

Sphene is a transparent gem-level subspecies of the sphene ilmenite group of minerals. It is usually produced in metamorphic rocks, especially in crystalline schist fissures, co-existing with minerals such as crystal, chlorite, and feldspar. Sphene has a translucent olive green with a little dirty, and the crystal shape is strange, like a flat wedge. In fact, the name of sphene means wedge in ancient Greek words. Like a real wedge, sphene can be used to open the door to a new level of crystal healing experience or to enter deep-rooted habits. This makes it an important healing gem.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: CaTiSiO5

Color: yellow-green, green-brown, brown-red, etc.

Luster: Diamond Luster

Hardness: 5-5.5

Crystal System: monoclinic system

Identification and Maintenance of Sphene

  • The color of sphene is very clean, usually greenish brown or with a reddish tint, but it has a strong luster.
  • The flat crystals of sphene are usually slightly streaked.
  • Sphene is sometimes used as an imitation of more expensive gems, such as topaz, golden beryl or olivine.
Green Strawberry Crystal Point

Sphene Crystal Meaning

  • Clarify the new direction.
  • Provide solutions to problems.
  • Encourage lateral thinking.

Sphene Healing Function

  • Gently increase body energy levels.
  • Help us understand our emotions.
  • Let us be open to new ideas and ideas.
  • Arrange the subtle bodies in an orderly manner.

How to Use Sphene Crystal

  • Putting sphene around the head or forehead chakra points can clarify the mood.
  • Place the sphene a little above your lips or a little below your lower lip to increase and concentrate energy.
  • Putting sphene and pink crystal together in the heart chakra points can clear up mental tension.
  • Putting sphene and citrine together in the heart can increase the discrimination ability.
  • Putting sphene and garnet together in the root chakra can increase self-motivation.

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Similar Gems

  • The green of olivine is relatively pure, and its crystals are not so flat.
  • Chrysanthemum is a clear and transparent apple green.

Crystal Meanings

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