Spinel Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Spinel

What is Spinel

Spinel rarely forms large crystals, so named because the crystals resemble spikes. To be honest, this makes it more difficult to cure unless the crystal is attached to the surrounding rock. The brightness of high-grade spinel is close to that of diamond, which makes it very popular in the jewelry industry. Spinel is usually worn as a stone that attracts good luck and inspires noble ideas. Like many other red stones, spinel is used as a cure for blood loss.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: MgAl2O4

Color: red or brown (sometimes blue, green or colorless, etc.)

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 7-8

Crystal System: equiaxed crystal system

Streak: White

Specific gravity: 3.6-4.1

Cleavage: None

Identification and Maintenance of Spinel

  • Spinel crystals are usually small octahedrons or pyramids.
  • Different variants of spinel have different colors: mafic spinel is black, red spinel is blood red, rose spinel is pink, iron aluminum spinel is blue-red, orange Spinel is lavender or rice yellow.

Strawberry Crystal Point

Spinel Crystal Meaning

  • Act as an incentive for decisive action

Spinel Healing Function

  • Concentrate the healing energy to the parts of the body that need attention-especially transfer the healing energy deep into the body tissues.
  • Help the body detoxify itself.
  • Promote substantial energy flow.
  • Relax the stiff muscles.

How to Use Spinel Crystal

  • Spinel and crystal are used together to release blocked energy.
  • Put a spinel on the forehead and two white crystals on the top of the head, with the tip of the spinel facing outwards, which can relieve the dim headache.
  • Put the spinel on the belly button and two or three crystal tips under the soles of the feet to purify the digestive system.
  • Put the spinel on the sacral chakra and turquoise on the throat, with the tip of the smoky crystal facing down under the sole of the foot, which can enhance creativity.

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Similar Gems

  • Garnet has many faces and the crystals are spherical.
  • Rubies often have metallic halos and large crystals are often seen.
  • Zircon crystals are often cylindrical.

Crystal Meanings

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