Thulite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Thulite

Thulite has been a famous decorative carving stone in Norway since ancient times. As a bulky subspecies of zoisite, thulite is produced in metamorphic limestone and also in magmatic rock. It has a delicate strawberry color (colored by the contained manganese), and sometimes it is similar to other zoisite subspecies. It contains green like that. The English name of thulite comes from Thule, a small island outside the north wind in ancient mythology. Thulite is considered to be connected to the most remote limit in the world, giving us confidence beyond the normal range.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Ca2Al2OH(SiO4)3

Color: pink, red pink and gray, etc.

Luster: glass luster to pearl luster

Hardness: 6—6.5

Crystal System: orthorhombic crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Thulite

  • Thulite is usually produced as granular aggregates, often polished into blocks or sliced.
  • The thulite has a uniform medium pink color.
  • Low-grade zoisite has off-white areas, and some also contain green zoisite.
Red Tourmaline Specimen

Thulite Crystal Meaning

  • Give us confidence to explore and attract us to the unknown future.

Thulite Healing Function

  • Enhance the function of the nervous system and facilitate the communication between the brain and other parts of the body.
  • Help us move forward from unhelpful emotional states.
  • Stimulate us to be aggressive when we are satisfied or not optimistic.

How to Use Thulite Crystal

  • Putting thulite in your heart can calm your nerves.
  • Place thulite on the sacral chakra, green aventurine on the heart, and blue agate on the throat to enhance confidence.
  • Placing four pieces of thulite in a row of diamonds around your body will allow you to adapt to this experience when you feel anxious. If you lie in an array and focus on a situation that makes you anxious, this array will relieve your fear.

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