Tiger’s Eye Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Tiger's Eye

Tiger eye stone is a member of the quartz family. Its fibers are formed by the common rock-forming mineral hornblende (usually subspecies crocidolite) embedded in quartz. This silky blue-black crocidolite fiber makes the quartz in which it is in blue-green brilliance and forms a kind of stone called eagle eye stone. When these crocidolite inclusions are oxidized, it has a characteristic brown and golden hue. The tiger’s eye of the slab is formed, and the blue crocidolite sliver is likely to be there. Tiger eye stones will turn red if they are placed near a heat source, but most of the red tiger eye stones on the market are artificially heated to change the color. The beautiful stripes on the tiger’s eye emphasize one of its functions-transfer energy. Like all stones that look like eyes after being cut and polished, the tiger’s eye stone is a powerful bodyguard and evil spirit.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Color: brown, golden yellow

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 7

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Tiger's Eye

  • When the light is removed from the fibers of the tiger’s eye stone, the brown and golden silk mottled stripes on the stone also appear to move.
  • Grinding tiger’s eye stone into a cabochon can express its characteristic optical effect to the extreme, and this method is often used to make jewelry.
  • The brilliance of tiger’s eye depends on the choice of cutting angle.
  • The blue-green brilliance of eagle eye is usually more refined than that of tiger eye.
Yellow, Blue, Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet B-M-A

Tiger's Eye Crystal Meaning

  • Prevent evil eyes, demons and witchcraft
  • Transfer unwanted energy
  • Confuse your opponents

Tiger's Eye Healing Function

  • Relieve the state of being stuck or congested, such as when the process of digestion and absorption and thinking is chaotic
  • Calm body and mind
  • build confidence
  • Inspire to connect with others

How to Use Tiger's Eye Crystal

  • Place the tiger’s eye stone on the feet, sacral chakra and Xinkou chakra to activate practical energy.
  • Put the eagle eye stone on the forehead and throat chakra points to stimulate communication and the flow of ideas.

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Similar Gems

  • Tiger iron stone is composed of tiger eye stone, red jasper and black hematite, with wavy bands.
  • Crystals with rutile inclusions are more yellow and have no regular brilliance.

Crystal Meanings

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