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Violet Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Violet Color

Violet is at the opposite end of the rainbow spectrum from red. The combination of blue and red violets can be seen as an end or the beginning of another energy cycle. Violet opens a door that has never been seen before, both in terms of electromagnetic spectrum and human experience.

Violet Color Properties and Energy

The key to understanding the energy of violet depends on how its constituent colors work together. Red is concentrated, focused, dynamic and exciting energy. And blue is calm, quiet and expansive energy. Violet brings a new kind of vitality on the basis of the dispersion and expansion of blue, and also brings stable energy to the crazy activities of red. Blue is more directionless and spacious, and it becomes more practical due to the addition of red. The energy brought by red makes more creative characteristics appear from blue. Therefore, violet is often associated with imagination and inspiration.

Violet Crystals

Violet stones, such as amethyst, fluorite, and cedar, are excellent things for meditation and contemplation. They can promote the integration of all aspects of themselves.

Violet Color Meaning

Violet energy is very independent. The existence of red and blue makes it a balanced whole, which is difficult to surpass. When this color appears, imagination turns into fantasy, and inspiration turns into fanaticism. Because violet energy surpasses existing knowledge, it often makes spiritual dreamers fall into a wonderful world where miracles and unrealistic fantasy occur. In this world, all tangible solids are rejected, and an illusory, selfish feeling of spiritual progress is preferred.

If you can avoid the temptation of the unknown, violet energy will become the most effective, one of the colors that will bring balance and healing in any situation. It will help the fusion of energy, and, due to the enhancement of red energy and the accurate information of blue energy, violet energy can accelerate physical and emotional recovery.

For those who use supernatural perception skills, violet is an important energy because it provides the basic energy for manipulation. If there is no red fixed energy, the use of subtle perception will seriously disrupt and deplete the life energy in the human body.

Because this color combines two opposing energies, it can help people who need to deal with different things and have a fusion of energy. Violet is often associated with the richness and diversity of rituals, perhaps because of its deep-level ability to psychologically balance the thoughts and behaviors of participants. Violet is often regarded as the most spiritual of all colors.

How to use violet color and violet crystals for a better life

  • The range of violets extends from the reddish blue to the purple formed by the uniform mixing of red and blue.

Violet Crystal Application

  • Violet lavender is traditionally used to treat insomnia or restlessness at night. It is also one of the most versatile essential oils, which can be used for scratches, burns, headaches, etc. Dried lavender flowers by the bed, or a drop of essential oil on the pillow, will help sleep.

Violet Crystal For

  • A quiet, meditative atmosphere can be obtained from violets.
  • Rehabilitation is embodied by violet-blue makes people feel detached and focused on the flow of energy, while red provides motivation to benefit others.
  • Noble, elegant, gorgeous.
  • Spirituality, divinity, intuition
  • Connect to a higher self, intelligence, and reason
  • Healing, loyalty, devotion
  • Migraines and headaches, eye problems

You need to add violet crystals to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Need to balance the focus of life.
  • Need to accelerate the natural recovery of body energy.
  • Need to use imagination in very practical aspects.
  • Need to integrate new skills into daily life.
  • Need to clear all kinds of obstacles in life.
  • Too many activities need to be balanced, or spirits need to be raised.

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