Crystal Color

White Crystals’ Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of White Color

Strictly speaking, white is not a color, it is just a symbol of the existence of light. After light passes through a prism, it will be refracted into various colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, orange, and purple. Therefore, white is also It is understood as all colors in the color spectrum. In this sense, it represents all and the end-nothing is taken away, everything is there.

White Color Properties and Energy

In many cultures, whiteness is associated with purity, cleanliness, frankness, and truth—everything appears in bright light without being hidden. This is why white is often used to symbolize “sacred”. White is also the color of bones and winter snow. Therefore, in some cultural atmospheres, white is associated with harsh words such as death and end. In these two interpretations, purity and death are linked together. Entering or leaving the world, white means the beginning and end of the cycle, that is, a cycle that starts again and again. White also has the potential to be close to any color and can develop in any direction. For a new beginning, white is a good choice.

White Crystals

White stones can generally be used to increase life-sustaining energy and bring a sense of purity and harmony. Clear quartz, calcite and moonstone can make people full of vitality, while moonstone, opal crystal and other clear white or cloud-like stones, Has a comforting and cleansing effect.

White Color Meaning

White is uncompromising. Everything is clarified and open, and the performance is very clear. It has a cold characteristic. When life needs become clearer, white has its place. But it will also be dyed with other colors around it, like a mirror that can reflect adjacent energy. For those who do not want to reflect their hidden emotions to themselves, this can be a rather disturbing color.

As the energy of purification, white can help people clarify all aspects of life. Its energy can sweep all obstacles in physical, emotional and mental models. The power of white purification is not only embodied in the interior, but also in external cleanliness. It is used on the clothing of hospitals, food processing staff, and chef baker’s to show that it is clean, hygienic, and even sterile. Without varying degrees of white, the action it causes can be as uncompromising and swift as a dazzling flash.

How to use white color and white crystals for a better life

  • White wedding dresses are the most common in weddings. It not only represents the holiness of the wedding, but also marks the beginning of a new life for the newlyweds.

White Crystal Application

  • White energy can clear all messy and irrelevant noise. White is suitable for new beginnings. Watching the snow-covered mountains can bring a touch of freshness to the messy and tired mind.

White Crystal For

  • The sunlight is refracted by raindrops into various colors to form a rainbow.
  •  pure, sacred, refreshing.
  • New beginning, divinity, purity, peace
  • Connect to higher areas

You need to add white crystals to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Need to be affirmed.
  • Need to start a new life, or move towards a new goal.
  • Need to clean up messy thoughts.
  • Feel irritable and easily fall into anxiety.

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