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Yellow Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Yellow Color

Yellow is a bright sun color. Most people feel warm and full of life when they see pure yellow. Just like the energy of a sunny morning, yellow can bring a clear consciousness. Like all colors, different yellows create a completely different atmosphere. Orange-yellow gives people a sense of confidence and unity, a sense of inner warmth and roundness. The clean and elegant yellow seems to be able to keep people alert and active, and at the same time purify the soul. Acidity also has a sense of irritation and vitality; while a slightly greenish yellow can sometimes make people feel uneasy and confused.

Yellow Color Properties and Energy

The basis of yellow vibration is related to the decision under certain circumstances. The decision depends on information, but more importantly, it depends on the ability and discernment to select relevant information. Therefore, for their own physical and mental health, people need to replenish yellow energy frequently.

At the moment we pay great attention to yellow features such as learning, organization, structure and information exchange. However, because people stay in artificial light for a long time and lack yellow energy, and these feelings are frequently bombarded by information, the yellow energy of the human body is quickly used up. Therefore, people need to get more yellow energy from food, furnishings and sunlight to help us maintain energy balance in a busy life.

Yellow Crystals

Yellow stones can enhance the sense of self and increase the vitality of the solar plexus, thereby reducing tension and anxiety. Citrine, yellow fluorite, tiger’s eye and amber can give people a sense of clarity, clarity and confidence.

Yellow Color Meaning

The human digestive system, immune system and nervous system all show yellow frequencies. The function of the digestive system is to decompose, distinguish and absorb those substances that the body needs, and to remove those harmful and unnecessary substances from the system. The immune system operates in the same way. Its various organs and defense mechanisms can identify and destroy bacteria and viruses that are in the wrong place or enter the body from the outside.

For the digestive system and immune system to make correct judgments, they need yellow traits that support intelligence, memory, and discrimination. If for some reason, such as nervousness, this system does not work properly, it will produce such as the digestive system cannot absorb the required nutrients, and the immune system will treat harmless substances as dangerous, causing intolerance or Errors such as allergic reactions.

The nervous system transmits information to the brain, and then the brain classifies and interprets these signals, and acts according to the signals. Being able to correctly distinguish the priorities of things can help people form more relaxed and pleasant interpersonal relationships. When lack of this yellow energy, people will feel confused and hesitant. Fear and worry are the reaction of yellow energy imbalance. At this time, wrong information and illogical thinking will lead to failure of action.

How to use yellow color and yellow crystals for a better life

  • Eating in the sun can improve digestion and give a feeling of health.
  • Honey is the concentrated energy of plants and sunlight. It is nectar processed by bees. It has more yellow characteristics. It can improve physical fitness and has a strong stimulating effect on the immune system.

Yellow Crystal Application

  • When working in front of a computer, a yellow mouse pad can improve concentration and keep people alert.

Yellow Crystal For

  • Yellow crystals can give people a decisive and positive attitude.
  • Gentle, bright, happy.
  • Self-worth, self-esteem, love for yourself, self-identification.
  • Mental abundance, spleen, gallbladder.

You need to add yellow crystals to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Confusion and indecision.
  • Fear and anxiety caused by unknown factors lead to neurological and digestive disorders.
  • Immune system is weak and chaotic-frequent minor illnesses, allergies to food and other substances.
  • Nervous breakdown, mental breakdown, flustered, hot flushes.
  • Poor memory and unable to concentrate.
  • Have a tendency to seasonal mood disorders, or feel depressed and listless on cloudy days.
  • Difficulty in digestion, poor absorption of food.

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