Zircon Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Zircon

Zircon is usually pyramid-shaped or prismatic crystals, produced in magmatic rocks dominated by pegmatite. Zircon is very hard and its chemical composition makes it resistant to corrosion, so it can be found in river beds and deposited sandstone. Colorless zircon is often used as an imitation of diamond, or processed into gems based on its own optical effects. Gem grade zircon usually comes from the Far East and Australia. In terms of spar healing, zircon is a magical and transformative gem that can reveal the hidden truth.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: ZrSiO4

Color: colorless and most other colors

Luster: glass luster to diamond luster

Hardness: 7.5

Crystal System: tetragonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Zircon

  • Red-brown octahedral zircon is the most common.
  • Other color subspecies include natural-colored hyacinth and yellow zircon.
  • Zircon can be turned into transparent, blue and golden yellow by heat treatment, and most of the heavy zircon has been enhanced by heat treatment.
  • The zircon faceted ring is very sparkling, but its edges are fragile and need to be carefully preserved.
Clear Crystal Ball H

Zircon Crystal Meaning

  • Promote change
  • Reveal the hidden reality

Zircon Healing Function

  • Clean up and adjust the digestive and endocrine system.
  • improve sleeping.
  • Correct overly sensitive emotions.
  • Encourage a flexible mindset.
  • Reduce illusions and fantasy, and control imagination.
  • Allow us to experience the subconscious mind that is just and practical.

How to Use Zircon Crystal

  • Putting zircon on the forehead, crown and base of the skull has a good effect on the energy balance of the body.
  • Putting zircon on the lower abdomen can enhance the internal energy balance.
  • Putting zircon on your forehead and one piece on each hand can increase your sense of reality.
    If you are afraid of “losing your mind”, add two zircons, one on each foot.

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Similar Gems

  • Spinel looks alike, but zircon sometimes has long prismatic crystals.
  • Magnetite has metallic luster, not diamond luster.

Crystal Meanings

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